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Artificial Intelligence is now in full swing, and chatbots are just a faint splash of a massive wave of advancement. Virtual Chatterbots, which simulate human chats to solve various tasks, are getting more popular as messengers spread. By automating customer service, chatbots save time and effort. It’s no surprise that the chatbot market is expanding exponentially. We are fulfilling your needs with our best innovations.

About Spree

Our hybrid Chatbot system called Spree combines the best of machine learning and human interaction. Deployable within minutes, Spree functions seamlessly with a growing number of platforms, including webchat, Facebook and text-messaging. Spreevel provides in-house data solutions and has filed a patent provision application to the US patent for the innovative virtual assistant chatbot solution designed especially for the hospitality and tourism industry. These technologies are set to revolutionize the functionality of tourism sites via Chatbot services, virtual communication, and AI.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Spree is your first line of Customer service agent in your clients’ journey at your business. The purpose is to give clients/end users combination of human touch and Artificial Intelligence experience at your business and learn about the smart offerings.

Out chatbot is currently supporting multiple industries including  Tourism organizations, restaurants, Professional Speaker, attractions and more. It is easy to configure according to your business needs.

Yes, Spreevel Chat is available to download for free at both Google Play and Apple App store

Our chatbot scales with your business needs. It starts from Free version to paid. More pricing information

Our chatbot is free for use for basic accounts and does not have 30 day limit.

Yes, we use secure communication channels including HTTPs protocols which is industry standard.

Domains We Serve

Our Chatbot are well familiar with several industries because of their potential of dealing with multiple operations for an organization. Our Chatbot is covering following domains


Outstanding Reputation Spanning since 2019. Your trustworthy and Reliable Chatbot.  


Spreevel assists you to bring your product out we truly get how much is riding on its success. 


Your Requirements come first. We can customize chatbot according to your requirements 


Our Chatbot is designed by professional and skilled developers.