About Us

We are Improving the world with our latest innovations. 

Our Story

Started from Research

Spreevel Analytics was founded in Ottawa, Canada. Grounded on a belief in the capacity for the rigorous and innovative work in data science and artificial intelligence to change the way we experience the world; we strive to be at the forefront of the world’s transition to a technologically integrated future. 

Our Mission

We aim to Improve the lives of all Living Beings.

Spreevel drives itself to help improve the lives of all living beings on this planet and take our social responsibility in making positive changes. Our technology are built to help reduce the workload of employees and increase the end user experience.

Meet the team

"Partnering with the industry leader to create solutions for hospitality industry"

Tahmor Ghumman (CEO)

Tahmor founded Spreevel with the focus of Artificial intelligence with a touch of human supervision. He holds a degree in accounting and has worked as a Financial & Business analyst in the field of medicine, service, financial sector, e-commerce, marketing and hospitality. He currently sits on the Board of Travel & Tourism Research Association-Canada Chapter

Join Our Team


There are currently no position open. Our research team will be expanding their human resources strength in next few months and will be looking for following skills sets

  • AI-Computer Vision Scientist
  • AI-NLP Scientist
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Human Resources-Research
  • Edge Computing-Research

Please send an email with your resume to  hr@spreevel.com 

Our Core Values

In this competitive world, having core values is important as it educates our clients and potential customers of what Spreevel is about.